Last week some of our Swedish PhD students, participated in the 5th World Conference on P&OM (co-organized by POMS, EurOMA and JOMSA), held every 4th year to gather researcher from all the OM societies around the globe. The conference had around 400 visitors, an intensive program of parallel sessions but also getting a feeling of the Cuban culture (hey you doing logistics research, your work is needed in this country, sometimes waiting 5 minutes for the bus, some days more than one hour -if the bus ever came). Fantastic experience in an emerging country and a good way to keep track of the latest OM discussions and research.

Happy conference participators from Sweden!

Happy conference participators from Sweden!

Also congratulations to Sebastian Pashaei from Lund university (to the right), who together with his supervisor Jan Olhager took home the prestigious “Best Paper Award” proofing that Swedish research is in world class!

/Anna Sannö


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