The course targets professionals who want to deepen knowledge and awareness of the value of innovation in production and how to manage innovation (eg at their current workplace), and PhD candidates seeking to increase awareness regarding production innovation aspects within each of their own research fields. The course will be given in English, but some of the content will be in Swedish (such parts are not compulsory for non-Swedish speaking participants). If all participants are Swedish-speaking the course will be in Swedish.

This course gives the participants in-depth knowledge about innovation terminology and different types of innovation. Especially, the course deals with production innovation with both theoretical discussions (supported from contemporary academic publications) and industrial examples (including site visits). The aim is that every participant at the end of the course will produce an individually written report with academic and practical relevance that contributes to the area of production innovation.

The course is organized around five meetings at different locations in Sweden, each meeting lasting two-three days.

The course will result in 7.5 HP.

More information about the course itself can be found here (PDF): LINK