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Within the PADOK network, the PhD students involved get an opportunity to broaden their perspective on production research by collective discussions and exchange of experience and knowledge between different production-related fields.

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The PADOK network actively works to create network opportunities for PhD students, by organizing meet and greet sessions at conferences and company visits. This enables PhD student to create contacts with both industry and senior researchers.


The PADOK network is involved in developing Swedish PhD education in production, among other activities by being represented in the Swedish Production Academy and the Production 2030 graduate school board. The network also collaborates to evaluate PhD courses and create common measurements of PhD course quality.

Who we are

PADOK is the Swedish network for PhD students in production-related research fields. With the increased interest for production research in Sweden (as can be seen in for example the initiative Produktion 2030, set up between the Swedish technology companies and academia), PADOK also intensify their efforts for the PhD students. Production research does range from automation, production economics, and process and production technologies to human-machine collaboration and product development for efficient manufacturing.

The PADOK-network works to develop the PhD student situation by creating a network for the PhD students as well as establishing connections between manufacturing companies and those who do research related to production. Representatives from PADOK are included in the Swedish Production Academy, giving PhD students a chance to affect graduate courses both by suggesting ideas for courses and evaluating existing courses. As an example of this, the PADOK network members have been deeply involved in the design and arrangement of the course “International Production”, where participants have been visiting manufacturing companies in Sweden and internationally to pinpoint similarities and differences in production all over the world. The international production course has so far benchmarked manufacturing in China, Brazil, India and Eastern Europe and compared it to Swedish manufacturing.

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